Why Is Kajaria Digital The Best Logo Design Agency In Kolkata?

Kolkata- With logo representation gaining popularity, there has been a rise of a various logo design agency in Kolkata. Through a logo, your company shows what your company stands for and more importantly the goals of your company. Consumers tend to trust a company by the type of its logo design and the quality of it. Properly designing a logo requires the right mix of colors, schemes, and fonts. A quality logo displays a strong message by the company and is the very embodiment of a business. Get your logo done by the best logo company in Kolkata – Kajaria Digital.

You must be wondering what makes us the Numero Uno logo design agency in Kolkata.

Our Approach

Step 1: Design Brief

The very first step involved in creating a logo is called as the design brief. It is where we get to know about the client’s company, taste, and style. Understanding the company’s goal is crucial before designing a logo. It is also important to know where this logo will be used and in what capacity. A logo that will be used on the letterhead of a company will contain fewer details than the one that might be used on a billboard. Another important aspect that should be kept in mind by every logo company in Kolkata is that before designing a company’s logo is the type of audience the company caters to. The logo being the visual identity of the company, must be attractive and bright, sending out the vibes of the company’s future goals and aspirations.

Step 2: Research

After gathering all the information from the clients, we have an exceptional team who look at the details of the company’s past, competitors, audience base, and geographic location. Our team of logo designers looks into the online and offline market to get a target customer’s vision of the company. It gives an insight of the company and the style of logo they should be working on.

Step 3: Brainstorming

Again an important step that our designers work on before designing a logo for the company is the views of every designer. As every designer is different from one another, brainstorming is a common practice in this creative process and this must be followed by every logo design agency in Kolkata. Penning down ideas is an essential step for designers to examine all possible outcomes and angles.

Step 4: Draft Production

Once the discussions are over, the process of draft production begins. From color details to schemes, everything can be laid out in the Adobe Illustrator and can be tweaked as per the client’s wishes to create a satisfactory logo. Each logo option can be tested as many times with varying color combinations and font styles. We are the best logo designer in Kolkata, with a creative team of the best graphic designers in the city.

Step 5: Client Feedback & Delivery

At this point, client feedback is taken to improve the logo design. Usually, a written description is sent along with the logo options. Often after many rounds of revision, the final product is presented to the client. Once the client approves the design, the outputs are sent to the client in the form of JPEG, EPS or TIFF file. After all these processes, the logo is then uploaded or printed.

Creating a logo is a collaborative process between the client and the designers. These phases above are the key to build a successful logo. Thereby, making the logo a valuable asset of the company. If you are happy with our approach, just drop us a mail sending us your queries, and we will get back to you.

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