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A logo not only creates an identity but helps attain recognition through brand visibility. It could be a mix of typography and images or just one. However, there is no right or wrong for logos as long as it helps suggest the appropriate purpose of the business. Different types of logos are suitable for different fields of businesses. It could be a letter mark, picture or symbol or any abstract mark or even a combination of both. It is necessary to choose a logo that closely represents the identity of a brand. You must get in touch with one of the leading logo design agencies in Kolkata to help you with the same.


Let’s take a look at the different types of logos –


Words and Letters


  • Lettermarks or monogram logos – A letter mark is usually typography positioned logo that is simple and is mainly used to streamline any brand that has a lengthy name. It is mostly the initials of the brand that is used as its logo like NASA, HBO, CNN and many more. Lettermarks simplify designs and are also easier to recall for customers. Isn’t that exactly what we want?

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  • Wordmarks or logotypes – They are font-based logos that mainly focus on the business name solely. They create strong brand recognition by using the distinct name of the company. Like Google, Canon, Facebook and more of such kind.

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Pictures and Symbols


  • Pictorial Marks or logo symbols – Pictorial marks are icons or graphics based designs that are generally sleek but easy to recognize. It works as an emblem for the company showing strong brand recognition just by using an icon. Like Android, Apple, Twitter and many more.

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  • Abstract logo marks – It is a kind of pictorial logo that is easily recognizable by new customers and existing ones alike. It condenses the entire brand into a single image to represent the idea of the business. Abstract logos work well if the company deals in global commerce which makes it beyond language and culture. Like Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, and others.

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  • Mascots – Mascots are often pictorial representation or illustrated the character of animals, people to create a unique identity for the brand. They are often cartoonish in form to add a touch of fun to the brand logo. They are mainly used for companies that entertain sports events comforting a family and children Mascots are a great deal of social media marketing as well. Like KFC, Pillsbury, Amul, and others.

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  • A combination mark – A combination logo opens up a number of opportunities to combine pictorial mark with a wordmark or an abstract mark or even a mascot. It can be integrated together in any manner to make it apt for your business. Combinations always work better than just pictorial or abstract marks making it distinct and self-explanatory. Like Lacoste, Pizza Hut, Burger King and many more.

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  • Emblem – The emblem logo functions as a symbol that consists of text inside a badge or emblem. The emblem design offers space to include added information about the brand like date of establishment, address or even a tagline. Like Starbucks, Porsche, Harley Davidson, and many others.

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Most of the times, a company is known for its brand logo making it a part of the fundamental identity of a company giving it a definite representation of the business. But, it is necessary you keep few things in mind while designing a brand symbol like the visual representation, the memorability factor and also the perceptive uniqueness of the logo. The logo is the basic identity of the company, sorting it out with a professional is a must.

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