Why Digital Marketing Companies are betting on Instagram in 2020?

With more than 500 million active daily users, and 25 million+ businesses on the platform, the best digital marketing agencies assert that marketing via Instagram is a practical option for one’s brand. Not considering it as a marketing platform in 2020, would lead the brand to lose out on a huge market of potential consumers.

Today, social media is the top of the game where marketing is concerned, a position that seems all the more sealed with the recent CoVid world-wide pandemic that has seen data consumption increase manifold. It has also put consumption of news via social media on the forefront.

Here are some reasons why Instagram marketing is an important tool for your brand in 2020:


  • The reach:

Today every adult, and most pre-teens, have their own smart phones and an account on any one of the social media websites. And Instagram is one of the top three. As a platform, Instagram is highlighted with the usage of impactful imagery coupled with hashtag powered connections. Today, with the world truly becoming a global village, it is easy to sit in one part of the globe and be updated of what is happening on the opposite side. This then makes it inevitable for your brand to be on a platform where- simply put- the whole wide world is.


  • The emphasis on innovation:

Today, the world tires easily of repetition. Always in the search of the new, and with an ability to disseminate news at the blink of an eye, the site itself is a platform that is constantly reinventing itself, adding features, that when used correctly, would lead to an immeasurable vocalisation of your product. From likes to hashtags, Instagram videos to Instagram likes, the app is truly the new window to the world where international sensations are born!


  • It’s a viable visual marketing tool:

‘They buy what they see’ is a customer-centric tenet that no brand is alien to. Which makes this platform that heavily relies on images and content marketing an ideal catalogue for your brand. If your content is truly engaging and intriguing, a potential customer will stop, stare and shop.


  • Instagram stories:

Reiterating the point that Instagram is constantly re-inventing itself, a fairly recent facet of the platform are Instagram Stories- 10 second visuals that remain on the page for 24 hours. Instagram Stories are placed strategically on the platform, which makes it the first feature users tap on upon powering on the app. A brand can, when using this feature correctly and to its full potential, apply it as a daily virtual catalogue to showcase their products to potential customers, or remind them of the availability and/or necessity of a product.


  • Instagram Influencers:

The rise of Instagram as an influential platform, is further magnified by the presence of Instagram influencers. Influencers serve to fulfil a ‘common-man’ narrative for the brand. When a brand collaborates with an influencer, the influencer then works to make a unique narrative for your products from a personal point of view. The more collaboration marketing a brand does, then, serves to show the potential customer not only the various facets of the product, but also the trust a larger section of society tends to place on the brand.


  • #Tag culture:

Pronounced ‘hashtag’, using the simple # key before a word instantly turns it into a connection to a specific topic. Today hashtags are one of the major tools that leads to enhanced SEO marketing for a brand. And the fact that the use of hashtags in captions was a feature highly encouraged by Instagram since inception speaks volumes of how visionary this platform has always been.

The ideal feature of any social media platform is the fact that in a room full of 10 individuals consuming news, 9 are doing it online via their smart phones, tablets and laptops. And in a world dominated by a constant quest for innovation, it would not do for a brand to lag behind but to use any and all available vistas for their growth. You may reach out to Kajaria Digital, one of the trusted digital marketing agencies in India for a strong online presence.

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