Ahead Of the Curve Pay-Per-Click Trends You Need To Know For 2018

The term PPC has gained quite a popularity amongst marketers and internet marketing companies in Kolkata in recent times. Pay-per-click is the new thing that everyone is talking about in the world of digital marketing.

What is PPC?

It is the abbreviation of pay-per-click which is a model of marketing in which advertisers pay a fee every time any of their ads is clicked. This method of marketing helps in generating more clicks to your website. It can also be called CPC which means cost-per-click.

How do you perceive the value of a click?

Advertisers can perceive the value of a click by assessing the keywords, audience type and platforms of the advertisement in which it originates. PPC is a comprehensive approach towards more effective web marketing wherein it helps in generating leads, increasing sales as well as promoting brand awareness.

Whenever a user searches for a product online, advertisers can show the intended ad at the exact time when the search is occurring. According to top social media marketing companies in Kolkata, to use PPC well, it is necessary not only to target the relevant audience but also retarget them analyzing the stored data from search, video or even display.

To be very true, there are thousands of marketers who are ready to opt for any conventional marketing approach. Whether pair or not, it is more important to be a step ahead of your competition to make the best use of the strategies.

We have jotted a few PPC trends that can prove to be extremely helpful for 2018 and ahead. Let’s check them out –

  • Google AdWords

Google has recently declared a great change to ensure a greater control over the user’s basis device level bidding in AdWords. It brought back mobile-base bidding thus giving back the control to the advertisers to determine how much they would like to bid on the desktop, tablet or mobile traffic. They can now decide how much they would spend on every click depending on the device the user is using.

  • Expanded Text Ads

Google has expanded text ads which further benefits the advertisers as it has added new formatting options. Advertisers can now use two 35-character headlines and 80-character descriptions for ads giving them more scope to persuade customers.

  • Video Ad Campaigns

With video ads gaining more popularity, videos have become a significant part of mainstream advertising. Consumers would prefer more to watch videos more than reading an ad, and this trend is being followed by every internet marketing company in Kolkata.

  • Interactive Advertising

Most customers want to experience what it is like to use an app before buying it. This type of interactive advertising by Google encourages app developers to let consumers use an app for at least one minute to interest them into downloading the app.

  • Remarketing lists for Search Ads

Remarketing lists for search ads have some advantages in marketing processes. RLSA offers access to a list of search ads wherein products of a similar kind can be selected. As per social media marketing companies in Kolkata this trend, in turn, lets the advertisers modify the keywords and bids.

As marketers show their appetite to improve in both strategizing and executing their advertising effectiveness, understanding the proper use of PPC is a must. Do check out the other similar informative blogs only on the official website of Kajaria Digital – a one-stop solution for all your business frenzies.

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