Top Social Media Platforms Used By an Internet Marketing Company

A researched by an internet marketing company in Kolkata – over the last couple of years, with rising social media platforms there has been a boom of small-scale business houses and other forms of home-based or door-to-door businesses. As people understood that they could get a lot more by utilizing social media platforms, they started marketing their brands and products via various social media platform. This helped them in boosting their sales and thereby generate higher revenue through this new model.

With this tool, you can rise the business ladder at a rapid rate, but at the same time, you have to be cautious about how and when to use it to get useful results. You have to strategize your social media marketing approach, analyze and observe the market, and then make a datasheet of the type of work you will require to post to get more clients and followers. If you are a newbie in the venture, you can seek help from the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata to manage your social campaigns.

Let’s look at the various social media platforms through which you can improve your business.


From viral videos to memes, you can find everything on Instagram. In this age, where pictures speak more than words, you can upload numerous photos, be it personal or for business purpose on this leading photo-blogging site. There are at least 500 million active users on Instagram and about 90, 000 pictures are uploaded per day in this website. Many internet marketing company in Kolkata, today, are utilizing this platform to reach potential customers and increase engagement by posting amazing pictures and videos.

You can improve your brand visibility and name recognition by posting your brand logo, products and short videos on anything that is relatable to your industry. The intuitive design and exciting features have made Instagram quite popular amongst social media marketers. It is ideal for all kinds of business and has a global appeal. Instagram has its unique set of filters and hashtags, that can make your post reach out to your followers and also gain you new followers, and thereby, boost up your online presence.


Facebook is one of the earliest social media platforms with about 2 billion active users on the platform, today. From celebrities to influencers to top brands, you will find everyone and everything in this gigantic space. Facebook has a plethora of marketing tools for all types of sellers, and the maintenance charge is very low as compared to other web portals. Through Facebook, you will gain organic reach and a wide range of sponsorship for your marketing campaigns.


There are about 330 million users who are active on Twitter, which is a microblogging site and is continually evolving to meet the user’s demands. Top social media marketing companies in Kolkata are suggesting to use this platform to gain engagement by uploading videos, polls, images, and URLs.


If you are into video marketing, create a YouTube channel for your brand and go live. Post funny or informative videos and gather views to publicize your company name and services. Opt for explainer video companies in Kolkata to create videos for your brand products, services or any other event, which are SEO/PPC specific.

Choose any one of the platforms to run a successful show and gain online presence by posting quality content. In this way, you will fetch traffic to your site and in turn, acquire new customers. Uphold the consistency of your content to increase the traffic and reach.

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