Online Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

The long-lasting debate between online marketing & traditional marketing can be a tough one. To choose which of these two strategies can be best for your business you should have a clear idea of your choices, customer base, type of products and future aspects of the business possibilities. There are ample of digital advertising agencies in Kolkata, who can help you promote your brand online. Kajaria Digital, the name synonymous with creativity and a leading advertising agency in Kolkata, can be your numero uno choice.


To run a business you can never ignore the aspect of marketing. A wise entrepreneur will always set aside a separate fund for the marketing alone. The problem is, we live in a generation comprising of a  heterogeneous population which includes both the tech-savvy and the internet illiterate. Check out the below pointers to help you decide which strategy is suitable for your business.


  • Cost- Every firm or entrepreneur has to keep in mind the budget factor and spend accordingly. There are some differences in the cost of online marketing and traditional marketing. Newspaper ads, television ads and the other methods of traditional marketing costs more than the online marketing forums. The latter in turn helps to expand the scope of marketing across boundaries of age and finance.


But in traditional marketing, even though the cost might be a little on the upper side, posters and flyers have the sole advantage of being hardcopies. They can be taken anywhere and read anytime innumerable times, even when there is no internet connection. Additionally, they can also be recycled and reused.


  • Coverage- In traditional marketing coverage becomes very limited. Your newspaper ad or your television a or the ads aired on the radio will go down the next day. But that’s not the case with online marketing. Here, the ads can be shared across social media platforms and the best part is the saving option, that is you can get back to the post for future


Unless you are catering to the local market, where billboards, handouts, newspaper ads are an important aspect of advertising, online marketing cannot be a good option there.


  • Audience- Now, this can be a little tricky. You need to be aware of the kinḍ of customers or audiences who will be viewing your products. Suppose you are dealing with customers mostly who are senior-citizens or low-end economic citizens, having a brief or no knowledge about the internet, are the best target for traditional marketing strategy. But if you are planning to introduce your business into the global platform that will attract worldwide customers then you should invest in online marketing strategies. The exposure rate remains higher for online marketing.


Time Factor-The time consumption factor is a lot more in traditional marketing than in digital Traditional marketing involves a lot of steps, each of which takes some time. Even, after the delivery to the customers, it cannot get into the customers’ hands immediately. On the other side, Online marketing has its perks and advantages. Customers can easily access the internet and look at the advertisements through social media pages or just by searching it on Google.


  • Tracking- Traditional marketing takes a lot of time to track and is extremely difficult to keep a tab on whether the customers are happy or not with the products. On the contrary, in online marketing, you can get to know instantly what is working for you and what is not with the help of Google Analytics. Here, you have the advantage of strategy refinement and make the necessary adjustments as per customer feedbacks.


Brand Development- The vital role of digital marketing strategy lies in brand development. When you are trying to promote your brand or advertise your products, traditional marketing would not give you such a wide scope. In that case, only through digital marketing, you can establish a proper growth of your company brand and popularise your brand name. By online marketing, you can have your entire website instead of a column in a newspaper. Not only can you avail a lot more space in online marketing, a long-lasting effect is also created by this strategy.



To rescue you from your dilemma, take a look at our works at Kajaria Digital, the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, where we give shape to your expression. Here, we can give the appropriate guidance as to which strategy is suitable for your business dealings. Depending on the kind of audience base, whom your products will concern to, we can give you the right mix of marketing strategies.

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