The Art of Catalogue Designing: Do’s and Don’ts

The primary question is- why create a catalog? Kajaria Digital, a top catalog design company in Kolkata, explains the purpose of a catalog is to display the list of goods and products on sale with their respective prices, to get people to buy them – straight away. If you are selling some products at a time, it is better to put it all together in a flashy catalog. With a massive return on investment, both e-catalogs and printed brochures are now equivalent to any other marketing strategies.

Catalog designing needs to have a balance between describing the product details with what the organization needs. If you want to create a high-quality, response-generating catalog, then it is best to leave it to the professionals. There is many brochure design agency in Kolkata, where you can get the right copy of your catalog designed in very minimal time.

At Kajaria Digital, we know what makes a catalog rock. Here are some tips:


Do write an attention-getting headline

The first thing that will attract a customer to read through your catalog is a catchy headline, as per catalog designers in Kolkata. Use words that will make people want to get your product. Attention seeking is extremely important in marketing your company brand and its products.

Do use graphics and pictures

Showcase your creativity by adding graphics, illustrations, statistical graphs, logo designs to enhance the quality of your catalog. Consult the best logo design agency in Kolkata and ask them to add relevant graphics by thinking about the kind of audience the products will appeal to. Don’t add any random pictures which are not describing the types of products you have put on display. Make your catalog by keeping in mind the aesthetics, because always a flashy catalog doesn’t work well.

Do design to convey your brand message

It is vital to portray the ideas, objectives, goals, and future ambitions of your company. People will only invest in your products if they find your brand message in line with their morality and personal choices. You brand message must be constructive and crisp, aptly conveying a strong message to the customers as to why they should buy your company products and how will it be beneficial to them in the long run. Here comes the active creation of a logo design agency in Kolkata.


Don’t forget the facts

Facts are the foundation of an excellent catalog. You need to give an accurate description of the products, including sizes, colors, materials used, and the products specifications. You won’t get a lot of space for writing long paragraphs describing your product details. So, it gets a little tricky to give a perfect product description that will attract customers. Get your company catalog designed by the best catalog designers in Kolkata and stay up the ladder.

Don’t ditch the incentives

Who doesn’t like some freebies?  It is always a good move to offer exclusive discounts and gifts to your customers to get into their good books. Say, if someone opts for bulk orders then you can give a free product or discount the shipping price for them. In this way, you can gain more and more loyal customers and enhance your sales.

To connect to the typical group of audience you need to create an attractive and professional catalog. Here, at Kajaria Digital, one of the best catalog designers in Kolkata, you can get the expertise of professional and experienced graphic designers to guide you through the process of making your company catalog. Call today!

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