Will Facebook’s New Time Tool Help Boost Productivity?

Facebook and productivity put together have always had a rough patch, especially when you work in a corporation with unrestricted access to the Internet. So, when Facebook announced a new tool to track time effectively, the industry was all ears. Now that they have already rolled out the new feature globally let’s mull over it.


So, how does one go about it?

First things first. Go to your Facebook app. Tap on the three lines at the upper right-hand corner. Then scroll down to where it reads “Settings and Privacy.” A final tap on the third option should land you to a feature called “Your Time on Facebook.” Which will let you know the amount of time you have spent on Facebook for the week and displays a graph for the same. Additionally, one also has the option to set a quota on a daily basis for the time you want to spend on Facebook. Once the limit is set, a reminder will be sent as you exhaust it.


What led the inclusion of Time feature

Reportedly, the new time tool is an offspring of several collaborations and studies conducted by Facebook along with mental health experts, scholars and community feedback. Zuckerberg while speaking to the media on the research stressed the findings geared towards interaction and building relationships which would contribute to boosting health and happiness level. He also made a point that a large number of Facebook and Instagram users are passive consumers who engulf any content that is thrown in their way, which is never a positive side of the social network.  The tool is aimed to offer users of both the platforms to garner more control which would eventually foster healthy online habits across myriad age groups.


Tracking time in silos

Nevertheless, the Time feature in its very first iteration comes with a string of flaws. For instance, the time being showed is device specific. In other words, it doesn’t keep a tab of the same person spending time on Facebook through other devices like a PC or laptop. So, in case, you use Facebook on more than one device, you might need to manually add up your time from all of your devices to get an ally on the total hours you have spent.

Now, even though Facebook syncs all your contact details and activity across devices, the reluctance to do so while tracking time is still not clear. Also, since Facebook owns Instagram, the time count could have offered a combined tally extremely beneficial for all those who have forgotten to look up in the real world. In all probability, Facebook will have addressed this in the second version of the feature.


Final thoughts

On a happy note, Facebook being a data-driven organization to the core has made quite a move by introducing the time feature, which by all means shall give them an entity to measure and re-measure various levels of engagement, influencing masses.

Have you used the new time feature on Facebook? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you think it can help keep a track on productivity and foster a better real-world relationship? Let us know your views. We would love to hear from you.


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