TikTok – The Latest Short-Video Social Platform Sensation

Tiktok and its incessant craze need no introduction. A global music video platform created by Byte Dance, Tiktok took on the heels of where muscal.ly left, another creation by the company. Douyin as it is known in China, the app has already garnered 150 million-plus daily users. With loads of videos showcasing dance moves, crazy stunts, pet videos, and thrill seekers, Tiktok is a prime example of what a 15-second clip can do. Although Tiktok has gained widespread popularity like no other app, it has always been the subject of criticism owing to a string of questionable videos that have been called disturbing, scary or unethical in the broad sense. Tiktok is one such platform that houses both intellectual and cynical under one roof. The perks of being popular also need to have an equal share of odds thrown in the way. On that note, we have got four such awesome stuff that you can’t miss on checking out about this app.


Why TikTok is a global video community ?

Tiktok is all about the spirit of celebration, and this is precisely why it has become so popular. Tiktok is all about counting seconds because every second is about making an impact. And, surprisingly, there’s only a quarter of a minute to achieve that.


500 Million users and still counting

Market research firm Sensor Tower reports Tiktok being downloaded by smartphone users for more than 45.8 million times on iOS and app store simultaneously. In China itself, the inception country of the app, the user count is beyond 150 million. Tiktok recently launched the “React” feature which was an instant hit among the users. A great concept that lets you record your video, as a reaction to another video on the same platform. In other words, luring non-video makers still on Tiktok towards making a video and in the process getting the hang of it in the long run.


Giving YouTube a run for the money

Tiktok took advantage of YouTube crashes in 2018 to swing in between and lure video makers on to the app, who could create content akin to YouTube content creators. The app is also available in over thirty languages and has a rating of 12+ owing to nudity, sexual content, fantasy, violence and references to drugs. The fact that Tiktok supports one and all who create video content for the sake of stardom and monetization also worked in favor of the app becoming so popular during the crash period of YouTube.

And guess what? The app isn’t that casual in its approach as its videos are. The company has a full-fledged system in place in the shape of tech support, collaborations and analytics put together. The website has a form to fill in, and if you got it within you, they might ask you to become an influencer.


Slightly creepy, but who cares

Reportedly, Tiktok ads on YouTube are creepy and enough to disgust users away. However, that doesn’t contribute to cut down its popularity — one such platform where millions of users are gathering to follow other popular users. For instance, you have Loren Gray, who was voted the Teen Choice Winner and released her single on YouTube just a few days back. Now she has a massive 30 million Tiktok followers.


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