Meet The Game Changers: Facebook Live

Nearly 2 billion people across the globe, today, are using Facebook as their social media platform. Some use it to stay connected with their close family and friends, and some for business purpose. In early 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, launched a new option- Facebook Live. This live-streaming feature became extremely popular among the masses and among global and local brands to promote their products or launch new products.

But many companies still haven’t grasped this feature as effectively as they should. Facebook live is a genuine platform bringing about a scope for interaction between real people from behind their smart screen. It helps in communicating messages to a following; it’s happening, right at the moment, uncut and real. You can engage and converse with your followers and meet the people from ‘behind the scenes.’ It is important to portray the human element and showcase inside the life of a company, beyond furbished exteriors and branding.

There are many social media marketing companies in India, who can guide you through the process and help you develop the appropriate content for your live stream. In this way, you will be able to boost your website traffic and improve the conversion rates of your products too.

To step-up your business and your brand name start using Facebook live today with these exclusive features and benefits listed below.

  1. ‘Simulcast’ is a thing

Facebook Live allows social media managers to use the Simulcast function to go live on more than one page at a time. Suppose a brand has many sub-brands under it, then the Simulcast function can be used to do a promotional event effective for all the other sub-parts(each has a different page of its own) as well. Enabling Simulcast allows you to stream the same live video to all the pages of the sub-brands at once.

  1. Native Analytics

Facebook’s live stream is so well-developed that you can get the insights of the video stats produced by the in-stream analytics. To further refine it, Facebook provides a host of other information like viewer figure, total reach, reactions, comments, and shares.

This gives you an idea and a glimpse of your performance. You can check your analytics to further improve your content or get a brief on what kind of content the public is preferring more.

  1. The 4-hour time limit

Unlike other social channels, like Instagram and periscope, Facebook’s live streaming has been developed for longer videos with more substance.

While Instagram and Periscope are useful for short and spontaneous live video, Facebook allows users to prepare longer watching live videos to fully indulge the audience. In fact, through Facebook Live you can produce a four-hour long stretch live stream.

  1. Free, free, free

In this busy fast-moving world, where nothing comes easy, you can popularise your brand name by directly getting in touch with your target audience by using Facebook Live. This feature is a low-cost and refreshing way of connecting with an audience.

You can send invites, do promotional events or simply advertise your brand and products through Facebook Live. According to recent statistics, 70% of the audience who watches a live stream of an event will attend the event physically or buy the products or tickets for the upcoming events.

  1. Facebook live is well-developed

Despite being one of the many social media platforms to offer live streaming facility, Facebook has by far the best-developed interface. It is extremely user-friendly and enables users to make adjustments according to their individual preferences.

The inbuilt notification system of the platform lets users know from before-hand when a Page they like is ‘going live.’ Facebook has the capabilities to promote a live video in advance from a page and also lets users set reminders so that they don’t forget to tune in. This enables a greater reach and exposure to the target audience.

The key to a marketing initiative is knowing your target audience and the market statistics. If you are familiar with their preferences, then in no-time you can flourish your business and brand name.

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