5 Ways To Reach Customers Through YouTube

With the rise of networking through social media marketing, there has been an uproar of social media marketing companies in Kolkata and across the entire nation. There are about four billion users who are active on social media platforms and engages in watching videos on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the largest storehouses of multiple videos from commercial to personal usage. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to build a business and connect with potential clients. Opt for video marketing to enhance your brand name most strategically. There are plenty of video marketing companies in Kolkata who can help you grow your online presence.

How to gain more customers via YouTube

Boost your brand visibility through video marketing on YouTube. Leverage your business and reach in no-time with the help of efficient video marketing companies in Kolkata.

Video Types

To maximize your views on YouTube, first, figure out what are the kind of videos you want your audience to see that will give an insight about your brand and business.

  • ‘How to’ Videos – If you are a product or service based company, then it is advisable that you create clips that demonstrate your products and its usage. Create mini-tutorials or video blogs, popularly known as ‘vlogs’ to connect and build a strong virtual relationship with your prospective clients. Get yourself a stronger online presence with the help of social media marketing companies in Kolkata.

  • Informative Videos – Create informative videos like tips, tricks or hacks relative to your industry niche and increase your business reach. Share your expertise and create informative video content that will draw the attention of your clients and give them a long-term benefit through your videos.

  • Client Testimonials – To increase your credibility and gain new customers, start creating short videos of your clients describing how they like using your products. Written testimonials are no longer effective as no one reads them. Increase the goodwill of your brand through client testimonials videos.

  • Entertaining Videos – Add a fun side to your business by creating some quirky and entertaining videos. Upload clips of behind-the-scenes of a company event or a sneak-peak of a new product launch to keep the customers engaged to your YouTube channel.

Video Length

Video marketing companies in Kolkata will always suggest you upload short and crisp videos on your YouTube channel to gain more views. YouTube provides the option of uploading videos which are 15 minutes long. In fact, the best part about YouTube is that users can customize the time span of their videos. There is an option from where you can upload videos which are longer than 15 minutes.

But a recent statistics by social media marketing companies in Kolkata suggests that videos which are short, say about 5 minutes long gain more popularity and more views than the lengthy ones. So create short and snappy videos if you are starting up your new YouTube channel.

Indulge in a Keyword Planner

To maximize your viewers on your YouTube channel, create video contents containing relevant keywords. Research the popular keywords through the YouTube keyword search tool before creating your video for your business. Make your videos go viral by using proper keywords in your visual content with the help of video marketing companies in Kolkata.

Include Call-To-Action button

The very purpose of your YouTube videos gets defeated when you miss out on including proper Call-To-Action buttons. In your visual content provide website links and ask your viewers to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to boost your reach.

YouTube Ads

Advertisements are a great way to popularise your videos. If you have recently started your brand marketing through videos on YouTube, then opt for the paid ads option to gain abundant viewers.

There are plenty of video marketing companies in Kolkata who can guide you through the process of generating effective visual content to gain your brand worldwide popularity.

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