Visual Search, a Top Trending E-commerce Technology

The advent of digital marketing has rapidly changed the face of E-commerce and retail industry recently. Tech-savvy shoppers are demanding for a smarter shopping experience in a short span of time. There are a host of new visual search tools introduced by various companies to help users to search for information visually and improve specific image oriented searches. The searches entail shopping for products or looking for decoration tips or handling DIY. It becomes very smooth for the tech-hungry millennials.

E-Commerce marketers stepping up Visual search applications:

The E-commerce gurus are ramping up their sites with new search technologies with the help of which the organic ranking of a retailer can make or break a brand. As the search trends are affecting the way people shop, the marketer can help clients to utilize the technology to increase traffic resulting in sales.

Shoot and Shop:

Amazon in partnership with Snap chat announced that it was testing a new tool which will allow users to click a picture of a product or barcode and if identified, launch a product page and after that make a purchase.  Meanwhile, Google also notified about the integration of its AI-driven Lens into searches. Pinterest, eBay, and Bing now also have introduced visual search tools. E-commerce advertisers are excited about the concept of shoot and shop as it is, effectively opening up new marketing avenues directly targeting the amount of time spent and involvement of mobile-based search and social media.

How relevant is Visual search:

Although the visual search feature is relatively new than voice search, and its possibilities are being explored still, the big shots in the e-commerce industry like Amazon and ASOS, are already exhibiting the potential of the feature.

The method of visual search is a quick way for customers to buy products especially when a retailer has a huge volume of products. This way the brands can also expose their products to the customers which they might not come across using traditional filters. Like items which were added to a particular site just a while ago, or individual items which were not selling well.

The visibility of a client’s brand should be the motive of any digital marketing strategy. With the increasing demand of voice and visual search features amongst users, it is essential for marketers to develop their image libraries, organize them into catalogs and innovate ways in which the physical world can spin into visual search.

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