Hawk India is changing the Face of Education

With the onset of technology, the educational sector in India is fast-changing from its age-old methods of the traditional classroom setting. Making a remarkable improvement in the education system of India, the advent of the Lecture Capture and Broadcasting Solution is fast-pacing up in the educational institutions across the latitude and longitude of the country.

This technology is widely spread in universities abroad like USA, UK, Australia and many more. Students who fail to attend a particular class or miss out on a seminar or an important lecture session can later play back the missed out lectures. Lecture recording is beating the traditional classroom system and replacing it with an online classroom session. These recorded classes can also be used at times for training purposes and give the students as well as the faculties a lot of flexibility in learning and teaching respectively.

Calcutta Chapter

Here in Calcutta, under the supervision of Hawk India, schools are adapting to this technology of Lecture Capture. Specialised in security, technology, and brand protection, Hawk India is one of the first companies to bring about this revolutionary growth in the education system in West Bengal.

Major premiere institutes, schools & colleges have already signed up for this new venture to support their students. Lecture Capture is a big boon for students pursuing sports, as the unique technology helps them to catch up with the missed lectures at their leisure time.

From the Man Himself

According to Ankush Khanna, owner of Hawk India, “Students can now sit anywhere in the world and attend their classroom. In case they have missed an important lecture, they can access the recording in high definition audio and video! It’s revolutionary and coherent with the changing face of media and technology. It’s the need of the hour.”

Benefits of Lecture Capture

The 3 major benefits of Lecture capture are:

• Visual Communication – Due to this system of recording lectures, students from other classrooms can get a Live View of an important lesson that is being taught in a different class through an active LAN network. Not only this, but students from other schools can also ask for permission to check a video lesson on a vital topic that is being taught by a well-known professor.

• Better Availability – Creating a lecture material with rich audio-visual can help students to draw reference in the future or during preparation for an examination. It proves to be useful for students who have missed out on a particular class or lecture and can, later on, see the video from their home.

• Building a Video Repository – Medical Colleges, Universities, and Schools can now build a state-of-the-art Video Repository containing archived hi-definition Audio-Videos of all critical lectures along with films of experiments, surgeries and practical classes.


How it works?

In every classroom, there is an intelligent PTZ camera that is focused on the teacher and records the movement of the teacher as she walks along the blackboard. It has a higher tracking speed than the ordinary PTZ camera and also can zoom on the blackboard when the teacher writes on it.

The best part about it is that it can capture all the three elements – the teacher, the students and the laptop presentation.

There is a Smart Audio Pick up DVR that has the capability of capturing the voice of the teacher and the students, eliminating all external noise.

The Broadcasting DVR captures high-resolution presentation directly from the laptop and not from the whiteboard where the presentation is being displayed.

With the help of a repository, this system creates a vault that stores all the vital days and events in the campus like annual functions, VIP visits, felicitations, etc.

This digital storehouse that has a directory of all the important classes and can be used for the future purpose of students and teachers alike.

Where to get Lecture Capture?

Hawk India has efficiently brought about this revolutionary change in the educational sector and made learning more easier. Ankush Khanna, the man behind this revolutionary upliftment, has not only provided a new change of dynamics in the field of education but a breakthrough for students to watch recorded videos when they miss a class thus proving to be a time-efficient application of technology.

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