5 Secret Weapons Used by Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata

In today’s time, can you think of a day without Internet? No way! Almost ninety percent of the people spend half of their time browsing on the internet doing Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or email. There has been an advancement in the number of social media marketing companies in Kolkata, in recent times, because everyone is glued to their mobiles/ tablets/ laptops all the time to access the internet. Companies of all size and strength are going the digital way to promote their brand name and brand products.

To run a successful show, companies are hiring the internet marketing companies in Kolkata to do their branding that will give them a good online presence. Today, only with the help of the internet you can raise your business growth line. The traditional ways of leaflets and brochures are becoming obsolete slowly. Everything is going online with the blessings of the social media platforms. It is advisable to know your audience before publishing something on the World Wide Web. Apart from the usual online marketing tools like SEO, AdWords, pay per click models, email marketing there are plenty of secret social media marketing tools that can be used by companies to target potential clients and create better results.

Let’s see how!


With the rise of technology, you also need to upgrade your business tools to remain on the profitable quarter of the Loss or Profit versus Time X-Y chart. Creating webinars which is similar to online video marketing can be used for various reasons like there can be explanatory audio along with visuals and also scope for clearing doubts regarding a particular product/service. Webinars are extremely helpful for training purpose and giving users the guideline of using a specific product. Social media marketing companies in Kolkata mainly focuses on creating webinars with rich content that can cover a wide range of audience. This is the most cost-effective way of generating business and improving sales.

Influencer Outreach

To draw the audience towards a particular product or brand, social media marketing companies in Kolkata prefer advertising the company’s products and brand name through a celebrity or business tycoon.

Even bloggers come under this category. When a blogger recommends a product, the audience is bound to trust on the quality of that product and this, in turn, generates goodwill of the company whose product is being advertised. Internet marketing companies in Kolkata follow this tactic to influence a large number of customers by advertising a brand or brand product with the help of a renowned face.


A primary social media marketing weapon used by internet marketing companies in Kolkata is called Slideshare. Corporate business houses deal with a wide range of clients who are into B2B marketing. Through Slideshare, you can engage potential customers to read short and crisp contents and get them interested in your services and products.


Podcasting is a way of broadcasting a particular news or product details through high-quality audio. Podcast files are MP3 files delivered via RSS feed. Mainly podcasting deals with tags and through this method, you can develop a business by adopting this tool. It will be beneficial for tech-savvy business holders.

Dubsmash/Instagram videos

Videos are the highest trending social media tools; social media marketing companies in Kolkata vouches on videos as an essential marketing tool. Apart from YouTube, which is considered as the pioneering hub for video marketing, there are other forums like Twitter that has its tool called Vine to create and share videos on the internet.

Recent statistics show that Instagram has also gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Through Instagram videos, you can now share visuals about your company, services, and products. Dubsmash has also gained a craze amongst the audience after celebrity icons joining this platform where famous Bollywood dialogues and songs are mouthed.

Now, to flourish your business choose from the above secret social media weapons and run a successful show!

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