Brand Strategy for Start-Ups in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city that believes in what a company says about its business intentions via its marketing or branding skills. To put together a framework for an early-stage brand is not just a name, logo, and website or marketing techniques, it is extending the potential of your brand to your customers. What provides substance to your distinctive idea about your product is the branding. There is a wide range of branding agencies in Kolkata that you can choose from, but every start-up requires a strong branding strategy to make its brand stand-out or attract the desirable customers depending on its field of work. Branding to start-ups is as important as developing a product or even raising money. It is the primary basis of communication that the company has with its initial customers. While building a brand for your company, it is necessary to keep the three C’s in mind i.e.,

  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Constancy

To develop its own identity that stands out from the rest of the similar is what branding helps in by giving a company its individuality. For achieving such a result, it is necessary to follow few of the basic branding strategies, like-

  • Naming your business The very first component of branding is to name your brand. The name of the brand directs the intention the company comes with. The name of the company should be self-explanatory to the customers as to why they would invest in your start-up.



  • Brand Logo The next very important aspect of branding is the logo of the company. The first visual a consumer gets about your company is the logo. The logo should represent the message that you would like to deliver to the masses.



  • Marketing Approach The methods you use for the marketing process of your start-up directly affects the position of your brand as in comparison with the similar brands. At what level you set your prices or where you distribute your products directly affects the name of the company.



  • Social Media Presence With the growing influence of social media in our lives, it is also necessary to have an active social media presence of the companies from the very beginning. It is an easy platform to understand the preferences and dislikes of your consumers. It has ways to get instant reviews about how your brand is working which sometimes drives in your favor and else against.



  • Marketing Graphics With the increasing scope to give shape to your thoughts exactly the way you would like, with the use of various applications and software, it is an unsaid expectation that the consumers have from brands to showcase their branding intentions in representative ways. The use of thoughtful pictures and texts emphasize on the message that the company wants to deliver.



  • Customer Service The first customers of your company are the building blocks of your brand. Customers will try to poll to whether the claims of your claims in the marketing strategies even hold any good. The target customer should always receive the best of the brand and everything that is promised during the process of the visual branding of the company. The customer satisfaction is what drives more crowd to any brand of the name.



With so many strategies wisdom at hand, it is no longer difficult for a brand to create an individual existence of its own in any city. And concerning Kolkata alone, it is a welcoming city like no other, for virgin thoughts as well as methods. It offers you with extensive reach to various advertising and digital agencies in Kolkata that deliver exemplary service impacting your brand in one way or another. In case you need professional assistance to establish your brand, get in touch with one of the leading Digital Ad Agencies in Kolkata, Kajaria Digital. You may reach us at 98300 43880 or email at

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