All about the Gen-Next Favourite Social Media Platform

Social media today has become the sole running factor for everyone to be connected. If we talk about the new-gen then, there are many things we can roll out. It is natural that Gen Next loves to be on social media almost the entire day. They are the very first digital generation who are growing up within the sphere of technology and iPhone. The age gap of 14-21 will easily claim that Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are among their favorites.

Several surveys are conducted in a year to know and analyze the use of social media among the young generations. Apparently, in one of the recent surveys, it was found that Instagram is giving a tough fight to Facebook and YouTube as it surpasses both to rank in the top as gen next favorite social media platform.

Popular Social Media Platform among New Generation


  • Instagram

With the social media usage survey, Business Insider found that majority of the young generation within the age gap of 14-21 use Instagram on a daily basis for hours. The millennial demographic group lives in a world of likes, followers and influencers. With a Direct message (DM); it is easier to connect with people within seconds. Half of them are always on Instagram, liking content, watching IGTV and videos. Influencers, fashion tutorials, cooking, and DIY pages have the majority of young followers. They love watching these contents all day and the numeric preponderance is increasing day by day.

  • YouTube

Majority of the youngsters are increasingly subscribing to YouTube recently. They are watching content on genres like comedy, fashion, DIY and other trendy options. Off late, after internet network providers started bestowing people with huge data for daily purpose, the viewership of YouTube has increased. People now no longer have to wait for a Wi-Fi connection as their cellular data is cheap and abundant. The generation who are engaged in the video platform is not only teenagers but also caters to the age group above 30.

  • Snapchat

Another app is Snapchat whose user base is increasing. Although the growth is slow, Snapchat is steadily climbing up the stairs popularity. The app is mostly used by the young generation but it is gradually taking a place among the late ’20s. After its update and regular appearance of different kinds of facial edits, the app has earned many users.

  • Facebook

As you can see Facebook is 4th in the social media popularity list, you can somewhat realize the fading importance of the app in regular life. As per the survey, it was found out that Facebook has become considerably monotonous, and the updates are taking huge space on smartphones. Therefore, users are resorting to using Instagram and viewing content on YouTube. Facebook is not at the top, but still has a huge fan base and millions of users are transforming it into a business app. Marketing, reselling all take place on Facebook. It is a big turnoff for the youngsters who are not into marketing; their attention is drawn by exotic locations, videos on DIY and makeup, fashion tutorials on Instagram.

  • Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, it is much more poised and a seemingly standard platform than Facebook. Twitter is used by official people, celebrities, and players. You will see Prime Minister and cabinet ministers using twitters to reveal the news, reply to news, or post an update. When it comes to youngsters, they are not much attracted by Twitter. They want an easy and user-friendly app which will offer them with spectacular images every time they open it. Looking at celebrity photos and following favorite cricket player to know about their daily routine is a preferred choice of the next-generation.

So, as you can see the list, it entails the top to the bottom preference of next-gen users of social media platform. Currently, Instagram is ranking high and gradually we can see YouTube and Snapchat follow.

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