5 Social Media Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know For 2020

Trends in Graphic design come and go, but 2020 is all about different perspectives and dynamics. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors then, you have to curate ways to be at the top. For this, it is essential to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends. Designers are the pillars for any digital marketing companies, what we mean is that, with their imagination, a brand can relate to its logo and establish a reputation later. However, there is a need to always consult an expert graphic designer agency to stay updated. Within the team, anyone can keep up the news and implement it when it’s showtime.


Here are the top trends for the creator in you:


Muted Colour Palette

Muted color palettes are a prominent inclination to simply restore and refresh your graphics. A softened shade is a tone that comprises of black or white attached to it, making it a contrast of energetic and lively color. It can be a surprisingly powerful bent on social media particularly because you can easily apply them with your headers including illustrations.


Minimalist Designs

When it comes to Social media of today, minimalism is at its peak and for the past few years, it has been ruling the entire media channels. Many of the tech companies have started using simple and minimum designs with the landing pages. However, 2020 will see a major change in the sector of graphics with minimalism.


Branded Animations

Have you gone through any video on social media app which not a GIF? That’s the answer to the question of how you should come up with social media video in 2020. However, to date, the power of animation is not realized to the top level yet, but we hope to see some changes in the upcoming year. GIFs have been a regular portion of vocabulary now. It is easy to create unique branded GIFs to give your brand name a complete makeover. It assists to achieve greater brand connection.


Dreamy and Abstract illustrations

In the present day, illustrations have been rising and leading graphic design in Kolkata is putting it into practice. Be it Spotify or Casper, many tech giants are using illustrations as a part of their branding strategy.  If you can think of some abstract art and blend with the right shade, you can create realistic illustrations. With an unusual combination, your creative will attract attention rather than the normal and regular ones. This particular trend work on social media as people prefer sharing unusual things more and encourage them to spend more time on the posts.


Use of heavy but simple fonts

2020 is the year of heavy but simple fonts. With heavy fonts, it is suggested that they ensemble within some extra bold character. It is an amazing trend to expedite social media reach in the realm of graphics.  If you wonder, you can see with heavy fonts, you will also somehow try to relate to the images and see what’s there. However, do not overuse the concept and overdo graphics with a heavy font. Try to focus on headers and small phrases, and refrain from making everything heavy, that will not help after all.

Hopefully, these pro tips on graphics will help you to go through the wave of competition in the next year. If you want to get the best results, then don’t waste time and consult top graphic design companies in Kolkata.

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