WhatsApp Introduces 5 New Updates- Making The Life Of Internet Marketing Companies Easier

With the advent of technology and messaging apps, it has become a lot easier for people and internet marketing companies in Kolkata and all other cities in India to connect with each other across latitudes and longitudes. WhatsApp a popular messaging application has been continuously upgrading its platform to make it more user-friendly.

This Facebook-owned company has recently rolled out few updates for its IOS and Android users, making a remarkable change in our messaging style and social media marketing standards. Many social media marketing companies in Kolkata are using WhatsApp as a base for marketing and spreading a brand name including its products to its potential clients.

Here’re the all-new five WhatsApp features that you cannot miss.

Group Audio Calls

Group audio calling option is a necessity for any business house to discuss brand strategies and marketing campaigns. WhatsApp is bringing about this unique feature that will enable its IOS and Android users to do group audio calls. This will beat the normal conference calling option and will be similar to the normal audio calling option present now in WhatsApp.

The maximum number of people who will be able to participate in a group audio call is yet not known. But this feature is sure to raise the bar for digital marketing companies in Kolkata and across the globe.

‘Click to Chat’

To make your life more hassle-free, WhatsApp is going to roll-out an option of ‘click to chat.’ Now, users can chat with someone without having to save their phone numbers on their device or contacts. This is time-saving, and users don’t need to unnecessary save numbers for a one-time chat.

WhatsApp allows users to start chatting with someone without-saving their phone number and this is possible just by creating a link.

Link instantly with Facebook

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, has added a new attribute for the beta version users of the Facebook App. This new attribute helps users to share any link at an instant just by clicking the ‘Send to WhatsApp’ option. This will no more require users to go to the drop-down menu from the share icon.

New media visibility feature

Now, WhatsApp Android users have the luxury to choose whether they want their WhatsApp media content to be displayed in their Gallery or not. This Media Visibility option pre-exists for IOS users, but now it is available for Android beta version as well.

Account information feature

A vital feature that is going to be rolled-out by WhatsApp soon is the account information option. With the help of this attribute, users can create a report of their account activity and can share it with other accounts as well. This is very useful for all the social media marketing companies in Kolkata as they would be able to track the inflow and outflow of data and the number of conversion rate can also be fetched.

Internet marketing companies in Kolkata are very excited with these features that WhatsApp is planning to introduce in the world of messaging and connectivity. Everyone now can produce a transparent business strategy for their customers and stay updated with business proceedings in no-time.

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