Shaping Our Lives: Mother & Motherhood

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world!

Mother – the backbone, the root, the guide, the support system of a child without whom we would not be standing tall in our society today. But often we forget to salute these personas in our life. From the early age of life, ‘she’ has been caring and looking after us, imparting us the ‘values of life.’ She is the person who has been doing her duties without expecting any reward and has been shaping our life and future with her motherhood.

What is motherhood?

Motherhood need not always have to be a clichéd term. On a broader spectrum, a ‘mother’ is someone who has been bringing us up from the very early stage of life. And, this state of being a mother is known as motherhood, be it in a biological or adoptive scenario. Interestingly, not only women but men too are coming under motherhood.

On this special occasion of Mother’s Day, we would like to highlight three important personalities who have redefined the term ‘motherhood.’

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen, a household name in the Bollywood industry, changed history by adopting a girl in the year 2000. She was only 25 when she took this vital step, while she was blooming in her career. But she did not let her career affect her bond with her child. She fought a lot of battle and came out shining in the role of a working mother. Giving the society a new definition of motherhood, she brought her child up as her own, giving her a new life and a bright future.

Again, in the year 2010, Sushmita Sen adopted a second girl child after having to fight a lot with the Indian Court Of Justice. She raised both her daughters with pride ensuring a well-bonded life and security to them.

Angelina Jolie

Known for her tremendous acting skills and Hollywood fame, Angelina Jolie is one of the most powerful women in the world. Apart from being a successful actor, she is also a mother of six children. First, in the year 2002, she adopted a seven-month-old Maddox Chivan from an orphanage in Cambodia. Later on, she went on adopting two more children, namely Pax, Zahara. She is also the biological mother of three – Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne.

Having a hectic career schedule, Jolie managed to bring up six children without discriminating each other by her own and adopted ones. She gave each of them equal educational facility and livelihood. And she brought them up with strong family values and morals, giving them the liberty to choose a future of their own.

Karan Johar

The new age mother, Karan Johar, a prominent name in the film industry, went for surrogation in the year 2017 and became a parent to exceedingly beautiful twins. Changing the perspective of motherhood, Karan alone is bringing up his children even after having extreme societal pressure. He redefined motherhood by saying that only a woman is not a mother, a man can also bring up children and give them the motherly affection.

Today, we at Kajaria Digital, the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, are glad to thank all the mothers of the world from standing there through the thick and thin.

Happy Mother’s days from all of us at Kajaria Digital!

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