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Before we tell you what the right content is for your business, let’s give you an insight on this first:

What is Content Marketing?

A recent buzz among online marketers has generated a phrase that “content is king.” The debate continues over the accuracy of that phrase, that is because – other social media marketing and SEO are different than content. Interestingly, content rules all the other marketing spheres.

Every Social Media Marketing– email, tweet, page landing, and video clips require some content or what you call it a description in a layman’s language. Another thinkable aspect, how would SEOs optimize for search engines without any content? They earn potential targets through digital channels like Google and Facebook by including a piece of content with proper keywords. And, if the content is good content, then there is a high chance of getting better indexing.

In brief, content marketing is all about communicating a message to the audience. It can be a new business proposal, launch of new products, acquisition of potential clients, or retaining old ones. In Kolkata, you can find many content marketing services to boost your business and brand name.

The How’s & When’s Of Content Marketing

Over the years content marketing has evolved from only newspaper scriptures and articles to digital media content. Today, you have a plethora of options to build your business and turn it into a Numero Uno brand. The right content can get you the leads and sales to fuel your business. Here, we will tell you what kind of content you should focus on for your brand marketing.


Blog posts make up a vital part of a company’s content marketing strategy. There are two-fold reasons why you should opt for blogging. Firstly, they don’t take much time to write and can be easily researched using Google, helping users to like and share relevant content.

Secondly, it doesn’t require much investment and is cost-effective. Maintaining high-quality posts and publish them consistently can easily generate leads and build a higher conversion rate by generating traffic to the site.

Longform Content

Long-form content is the bigger version of blog posts. They are easily available online and are mostly free. It is a fantastic way of increasing subscribers and builds thoughtful leadership. The content is usually very long and is created chapter wise. It often exceeds 1,000 words and sometimes can be even 5,000-15,000 words.

Users prefer such content where they can get all the information in one place. They don’t have to switch between different URLs to find information on a specific subject.

Case Studies

The idea behind case studies is that of creating original content, idea, and thought. Because of this nobody can copy your data. Case studies require in-depth examinations and research. They are self-explanatory and can generate a spontaneous response as it is highly shareable.

The most effective way of writing case studies is a pretty simple model: give a summary or synopsis of the study, explain and evaluate the problems by presenting a hypothesis, give solutions of those problems, and draft your results and talk about the importance of the matter.

White Papers

White Papers contain detailed statistics and information-rich content. The prime focus here is on the details and the data of a particular subject. They generate exceptionally high lead magnets and are a bit expensive (as external hiring is needed here). White papers distinctly represent information by grouping them into individual sections. They are long-page data having statistical information or tabular contents.


As the name suggests, infographics are information depicted in a graph. Infographics contain tons of data packed into a single image. This makes it visually interesting and easily readable. Infographics, therefore, get more shares and generates higher conversion rates. Usually, infographics are charts (Bar, X-Y, Pie), bulletins, or graphs next to the stats.

Brochures & Catalogues

To establish a strong brand name influence in the market both digital and local, the use of brochures and catalogs plays a vital role. Brochures contain a brief description of products and ongoing offers and discounts. Whereas, catalogs have detailed product information with images and designs.


Video marketing is not always associated with content marketing. But, why not? Videos are more popular among users as they are a dynamic representation of data or information. The easiest way to popularise your content is to write relevant posts and embed them with proper sound or voice over. In this way, your content can reach to 4x more users.

So, are you still wondering about your content marketing strategy and what will be the best fit for your business? Time to stop worrying and call us at Kajaria Digital, the best content marketing company in Kolkata. Feel free to drop us a mail and we will get back to you at the earliest.

We will listen to your story, research your target clients, talk to your customers, and create the perfect content made just for you with the right mix of words to leverage your business growth.

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