Digital Marketing in Kolkata: A Need-to-Do for Clubs & Pubs

Are you a pub owner and trying out for digital marketing in Kolkata for your venture? The procedure of reaching out to potential customers, digital marketing is conducted through the Internet with the use of email and social media. In recent times, digital marketing has exhibited an extremely speedy turnaround when compared to its traditional counterpart.

When it comes to digital marketing in Kolkata for bars and pubs, you must know that it requires a different marketing approach which other forms of ventures do not need. Being an owner of a nightclub, you should be aware that your venture needs an additional amount of social strategy. Here’s a set of digital marketing approaches meant explicitly for your establishment.

The Customizable Social Media Marketing

A constituent of varied types of communication, entertainment, marketing and networking, social media becomes especially valuable when one is attempting to uplift a bar or nightclub. In fact, social media can be utilized to perform a number of things for your business. These things include advance brand consciousness, augment traffic from new customers, increase sales, improve customer communication, and provide customers with the platform to write reviews about their experience.

A lot of companies in other sectors try to sustain a somber tone in their social media posts. However, the pub and nightclub industry stands on one principle – that is to have fun. Due to this, you must ensure that your online voice is in complete synergy with the atmosphere of your establishment. In case your venue is a relaxed local hangout, your social media posts must project a casual tone. However, there are pubs which function as a top-notch consort, and then its social media presence must be professional and must bear the aura of the physical location.

Bar-goers of the city are usually social people, and so you can get together with your audience where they feel most comfortable. You must be aware of various social media platforms and their usages to determine which is appropriate for the kind of business you own and where your customers spend a lot of time. If you’ve hired a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, ensure they are keeping this in mind.

The Instantaneous Email Marketing

One of the most virtually instant facets of the Internet is the email system. Through the use of email marketing, your club can connect with people on the email mailing list with a blink of an eye and simultaneously. Thereby, email turns out to be a perfect medium to ensure that your customary patrons have trouble-free access to your imminent events calendar. With email marketing, you can keep your patrons updated about theme nights, special offers, promotions and anything else you think they must know.

A robust email campaign cannot be conclusive without an email list. The email ids of your guests can be collected during promotions, contests, etc. The email messages must be crisp and concise and should have a compelling subject line.

The frequency of your email marketing must be balanced so as to save your emails from getting lost in the shuffle.

Mobile Marketing

Given the present status of our world, we rarely come across someone who doesn’t use cell phones. In fact, the authority brought by these devices affects not only us but also businesses. With that authority, mobile phones have given life to this new era of marketing.

Statistically speaking, 98% of text messages are opened and are frequently read within a span of ten minutes. This efficiently serves the digital marketing initiative by turning it into a proficient social endeavor. Pubs and clubs can communicate with customers when they can most probably drop in by strategically scheduling the timing of text message campaigns. Such timely campaigns can end up increasing the sales. Through mobile marketing, you can earn customer loyalty by serving them with unique offers, concessions, happy hour news, competitions, entertainment announcements, event notifications and more.

Digital marketing in Kolkata becomes a perfect resolution for clubs and pubs of the city, which are trying to get their names out in the open for people to know as soon as possible. Most significantly, nightclubs and pubs have social environments which put them in a grand spot to seek advantage from the promotions presented by digital marketing mediums.

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