Are You Ready for the 2020 Digital Marketing Trends?

The year 2019 seemed to be a pretty busy year for digital marketers because of dozens of marketing strategies were flooding the market and many hundreds of courses along with video channels have surfaced, it has become slightly easy to perform the 2020 digital marketing predictions. As a reputed digital marketing agency, we want to share our perspective on the latest trends that will help you to have a step ahead in 2020.  Here is a summary of some of the marketing trends that will explode this year.


1. Predictive marketing

We are all surviving in the age of data where people are engaged with channels and consume content in a highly unstructured manner and a lot of homework goes on before any purchase decision is made. Therefore, predictive marketing is all about channelizing these unstructured interactions and looking at the positive data patterns to anticipate results accordingly.


2. Smarter ad bidding

Google and Facebook topped the digital advertisement expense 2019 as per many reputed surveys. The race in 2020 is growing brands the most beneficial return on their spend working on smarter ad bidding opportunities. In fact, the ad request is the greatest thing Facebook and Google ad professionals preach through practice notes. Intelligent automatic bidding further covers various types of bid procedures like Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Progress, or Enhanced CPC. Merchants can practice either of those strategies at an operation level, club level or responsibility level.


3. Shoppable posts

Although shoppable columns on social media marketing have been launched over two years now, 2020 will observe an outburst of these blinking points, essentially because of more comfortable, out of the case alliances with third-party applications and eCommerce purchasing technology. The number of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram users is growing day by day. In turn, it is creating an impulse through the stories and feeds along with measurable numbers and enhanced traffic. As per Instagram, the number of active worldwide users of 1 billion and out of it 90% are online shopping brands.


4. SEO structured data

As per many marketing analytics, 49% of researches appeared with no cracks in the initial portion of 2019 which indicates that nearly half of these searches are either lost, avoiding the uncertainty of getting business. Another remarkable change is that many visitors that many businesses are getting from many organic works and SEO is required to settle. Google has always prioritizing bright ‘visual search’ pieces beyond all their programs and plans, which enable guests to get all the data they are seeing a lot quicker and assist them to settle on the best website to succeed through, directly from the prime issues.


5. More interactive email experience

Emails that work on engagement are one of the biggest trends when it comes to digital marketing in 2019. As email is not going anywhere, it is the email consumption and design are everyday evolving. In the year 2020, you can also witness naked emails and be more interactive such as AMP, etc.

These were some of the modern digital marketing trends for the year 2020 that will emerge and proceed to increase in value while current policies have newly formed which marketers began to concentrate on to develop their market. If you want to take off your digital marketing business, then make sure you consult the right digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

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