What is Facebook Handshake Tool?

Kajaria Digital – Being among the best branding agencies in Kolkata, we should discuss about another question first.

What is branded content?

Whereas there is a high chance that you are familiar with sponsored posts already, but we will briefly run you through it one more time, just in case. Companies frequently reach out to bloggers, vlogger as well as other content creators or someone like us, a social media marketing company in Kolkata, and offer them an opportunity to promote their products or services on their social media channels in exchange for monetary rewards. This is known as branded content.

Handshake Tool’s Relation with Facebook

Facebook is the ultimate cornerstone of web traffic. Yes, there are other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. But Facebook has been and still is pretty much the king of traffic. Don’t believe me yet? Here are five fascinating stats about Facebook Stats:

1. 300 million people use Facebook Stories daily
2. 90 million small businesses use Facebook
3. Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users
4. Users generate 4 million likes every minute.
5. 1.4 billion people use Facebook Groups

Celebrities to social media influencer everyone posts a ton of content each day, generating millions of views. And business houses offer them lucrative amounts to post on their behalf.

How does Facebook Handshake Tool come to the picture?

Now, what used to happen earlier is that businesses would ask influencers to make a post on their pages. Then they would acquire access to the ad account via the Business Manager. It used to make things really disordered. And Facebook didn’t like that. Consequently, they rolled out the Facebook Handshake tool or otherwise known as the Branded Content tool!

Why this tool? Well, this tool helps businesses to get real insights into the organic reach metrics of a post, posted or shared by the influencers. And the best part is you don’t need to share your Facebook control to share these insights. Instead, they will get it directly through the tool itself.


Being among the most reliable digital advertising agencies in Kolkata we are providing a step by step guide.

STEP #1:

The influencer will only need to have access to the Branded Content tool. How to get it? Just click on this link:https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/1865970047013799 After you have done sending your request for this tool, you don’t have to wait long. Facebook usually approves one’s request within an hour.

STEP #2:

After getting the tool, the influencer will just go ahead and make their post as they normally would. However, now, they’ll notice a little ‘handshake’ icon at the bottom. By clicking on this, they’ll be able to tag the sponsors’ page into the post.

STEP #3:

The page that has been tagged will accept the notification. Upon approving the tag, they can also access any tagged branded content posts from the influence’s Page’s Insight tab (left-hand column > Branded content).

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