Know About the Mobile-first Indexing for All Sites

There is important news for all website developers in Kolkata. Google has updated its indexing parameters. The ranking of a website predominantly depends on Googlebot crawling action. The site crawling results in the indexing of pages. Previously the Google index used the desktop version of websites for indexing purposes. This implied that the content relevance concerning user queries was evaluated by searching the desktop sites. But in the present era of android technology and smartphones, Google has reworked the indexing methodology by introducing mobile-first indexing.

In simple words, mobile-first indexing implies that the Smartphone compatible version of the website is used for indexing purposes. The shift has been made due to the palpable use of mobile devices for accessing information through the internet. This initiative was announced by Google in 2016 and it announced recently that by September 2020, it’ll become the default behavior for all websites. As mobile-first indexing is a default action introduced by Google, new sites ought to have mobile-friendly websites to ensure proper indexing. In the case of old websites that have desktop versions, owners ought to visit the Search Console. Google informs site owners regarding the change in indexing parameters for their websites.


How to ensure website crawling in Mobile-first Indexing?

If you have a web development company in Kolkata, then you might have a few queries regarding the change in ranking parameters. You need to make sure that the content on the mobile site is accessible for Googlebot. Ensure the following to help Google crawl your site with its new Mobile-first Indexing feature:


1. Keep same content:

The Google indexing update is very significant for content makers. Website content has to be the same for all the versions of the website. Having different or less content on the mobile site compared to the desktop site will affect organic traffic. Google won’t be able to find relevant and detailed information from the mobile webpage.


2. Meta robots tag:

Putting a Noindex or nofollow Meta robots tag on your mobile site would stop Google from crawling your site entirely. As mobile-first indexing gives precedence to mobile-friendly websites.


3. Differentiate between primary and lazy-load content:

Crawling is not carried out for lazy-load content that is dependent on user interaction. This type of content is usually not very significant. The original content of the website should never be turned into non-visible content.


4. Resource crawling:

To ensure proper indexing, you have to allow resources to be crawled by Googlebot. The URLs of resources might be slightly different from the desktop site. Still, no URL should have disallowed function as it will block the URL from getting indexed by Google.


If you only have a desktop site, then it is definitely time to put time and effort into producing a mobile-friendly version of your website.

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