How to Deal with Online Reputation Management & Bad Reviews?

Internet exposure can build up your brand or boost up your existing business with positive feedback from reviewers. Similarly, it can negatively impact your business with bad reviews. The equation is simple. Positive reviews build up your business, while negative feedbacks can crush down your trade. The companies are in lookout for trusted reputation management companies in India.


Why is Online Reputation Management Important?

Online reputation management or ORM deals with this issue. It helps you to protect your business and sales by managing the negative reviews from Google searches and review sites. ORM takes in control of the conversations that go around your online business and highlights the right reviews that are the potential to build up your business reputation.

It is not just social media monitoring. Your business from small to large scale is continuously talked about on the internet. From tweeting to leaving blog site comments, Facebook reviews, feedback from review sites, and much more, the internet is always buzzing. Some negative comments are even intentional to bring your business down. These can cost your business to a large extent. Feedback cannot be deleted unless and until it’s being removed by the reviewer, the company must be aware of the ways to handle these.


Tips for handling these issues

  • “Be transparent”:

Negative publicity is also publicity if considered and confronted positively. This means that criticism can also prove beneficial to the company. So how to do it:

  • Allow your reviewers to talk about your products publicly.
  • Engage in active conversation, preferably one to one communication with commentators.
  • Request for feedback, it is an appositive approach in itself.
  • Do not hide or avoid criticism, rather confront the comments publicly with a positive approach.
  • Monitor the comments and feedbacks regularly so that you can react to them as fast as possible. Leaving these comments unanswered may cost you your reputation.
  • Take legitimate actions against players spreading false information to defame your business as soon as possible.
  • If your online reputation management tricks are not working, ask for professional help.

However, being ‘transparent’ may cause harm in some cases. Some negative comments, if addressed aggressively, may backfire to your own business reputation. So, each review must be dealt with caution and care. Every feedback is essential, and hence each and every negative comment must be answered constructively.


Other fundamentally impactful ways to manage bad reviews:

  • Managing bad reviews from Google Searches: Searches using your brand name are essential for your business. 50% of the potential customers search with the business name. Take the help of the best SEO services provider in Kolkata in this case.
  • Managing bad reviews from Review Sites: Sites like Yelp, Glassdoor, google reviews leave a considerable amount of impression on your customers and clients. People go to these sites before considering your products.

So, here are a few guidelines for you to deal with bad reviews and online reputation management. For the best services, you can reach out to Kajaria Digital – the best digital marketing company in Kolkata for specialised services.

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