5 eating & drinking habit changes to strengthen your Immune System

Thanks to the fast-paced lifestyle, we follow an unhealthy lifestyle! So, what to do? We can’t just abandon the life that’s earning us a living, can we? Well, what about eating & drinking well? Yes, that’s right, opting for simple eating habits can make a difference. Thus in this piece of article, we will be talking about five simple eating choices that can boost your metabolism, thereby end up strengthening your immune system. Sit back, relax and stay tuned till the end of the article. Let’s get started.



1. Stay hydrated:

This one is simple. Just drink more water from now on. Surprised? Well, you should not be.

  • If you have managed to get yourself in the habit of drinking more water, you will need less tea, coffee, or soft drinks. In simpler words, you are replacing calorie induced drinks with calorie-free beverages.

  • A healthy intake of water aids you in getting more lean muscles. As you may know, human tissues are 80% water. So, yes,it helps you grow muscles and strengthen your metabolism.

  • Drinking more water helps you release more toxins out of your body.



2. Get rid of junk food and opt for low-calorie & high protein meals:

This one will hurt. But you must do it. Say goodbye to those burgers, potato chips and other fried stuff if you want to strengthen your immunity. Junk food are cornerstones of fat, oil, and excess calories. None of what you want in your body. Instead, take more protein and carbohydrate induced food alternatives.



3.Change your eating orders:

Eating more at a time will lead your body to store more fat and create pressure in your intestine. We advise you to take smaller meals on a regular interval. How would it help you? The benefits are listed right below.

  • Eating frequently in smaller portions allow you to stay energetic.
  • Eating less at a time reduces the fat-storage rate in your body.
  • Moreover, it provides more opportunities to eat more healthy foods like fruits, vegetables & seeds.

Most dieticians will instruct you to consider this lifestyle change.



4. Replace regular tea with green tea:

According to dieticians, worldwide, green tea aid the immune system by increasing metabolism in the human body. Studies show that men who drink green tea extract before exercising lose 17% more calories. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace your regular tea with green tea.



5. Nutrients that you shouldn’t ignore During COVID 19:

Nutrients are very important for your body metabolism and it also helps to boost your immune system. Here’s a list of certain nutrients that you should have in your daily intake list:

  • Vitamin C: If you haven’t heard of free radicals then it is to tell you that these are unstoppable molecules that could damage your immune system. To prevent this damage your body needs antioxidants and Vitamin C is just the nutrient that provides you with that antioxidant. Foods, like citrus foods and juices, red and green bell peppers, kiwi fruit, broccoli, and strawberries contain Vitamin C.

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E again is rich in antioxidant, and helps to boost the immunity of the older people. Food rich in Vitamin E include basic foods such as peanut butter, almonds, wheat gram oil, sunflower seeds and the hazel nuts.
  • Carotenoids: Well, this is again rich antioxidant that gets converted into Vitamin A when consumed. It’s always preferable to cook the food before intake, so that the Carotenoids are better consumed. Foods such as spinach, carrot, papaya, and mango are rich in Carotenoids.
  • Apart from these 3 nutrients Zinc and Omega3 fatty acid too helps you to fight COVID-19

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