Top 2020 Facebook Updates to Check out Right Now

2019 has been a crazy year in terms of digital marketing. Especially, Facebook ads, marketing are some of the major focuses for Facebook along with privacy and clarity matters. Last year we have got some good features involving privacy concerns, story expansion, new creator studio, and the Messanger business feature. Well, it’s not over yet.

The month of December saw an innovative brand safety check, there will be limits on per page ads in 2020 along with responsive ads. These features have always remained till the last and there is yet a lot to cover. Inputs by reputed digital marketing agencies have always been helpful for many budding marketers.


Facebook Is Releasing Advertisement Placement Controls

After there was viral news some years back with YouTube ads before videos comprising heated violence content, it has become a concern among many advertisers about their ad content. So, Facebook has already had blocked categories for in-stream publishers. However, they are extending the safety concerns for brands.

Firstly, advertisers will be able to create a publisher categorized as white lists along with blocked pages. Those will turn green for specific publishers, allowing you to know which placements might benefit you the most. This sole feature is presently tested with many advertisers.

This time we can enjoy controls about the account in the sections of Ad Manager, whereby each page can create their lists. Moreover, Facebook has a security ally called the Zefr, it works alongside OpenSlate, Integral Ad Science and Double Verify to guarantee the safety of brands, tools and continue to serve advertisers’ requirements.


Facebook is Limiting Ads Run in the new year

Facebook has recently launched its new plan which covers restricting the number of advertisements for any page which can run within the limited time set. Wait, there is nothing to panic as it is not implemented yet. On the other hand, Facebook also cleared the air about all advertisers coming under its grip. It said, only a minimal percentage of advertisers and hence, we are guessing many major companies are running thousands of ads at the same time. Being said, it will be something really exciting in the new year which can ensure their prioritizing counts respectively.


Multiple Text Optimization

2020 Facebook is set to release the new version of responsive ad feature by Google, which is named as Multiple Text Optimization. You might have the feature if not, it is soon going to add on Facebook.  The feature essentially upgrades its A/B testing tool and makes it very easy to create advertisements and optimize them on many different options along with product descriptions. The capacity to hold Facebook analysis and later optimize ad text is important for those who cannot access to a feature like this yet can easily reduce the entire manual effort and further progress on the floor.

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